s&s in the nutshell

Sans&Serif is a Prague based graphic design studio with full advertising and print production services. The studio was founded at the turn of 2005–2006. First as a brand representing several freelance designers, later transformed into a legal entity. We are not standing still. Thanks to the loyalty of our clients – we modestly think "because of our well done jobs" – our studio keeps growing, which consequently leads to a wider range of services offered as well as a wider variety of design ideas and creative solutions. The Sans&Serif studio is one of the founding members of the czech Graphic design union (UGD).

Who we are? We are graphic designers who love design and don't make a big deal out of it. We think functional and appealing solutions can remain simple. We like to play with details because they make a meaningful whole. But we also know how to look at things from a perspective, because that's where the magic of great details shines through best. Simply put, at Sans&Serif we're really happy when everything fits together like a glove.

We design, we draw, we think, we text, we consult, we animate, we print and we cut... All that, but maybe a little more. We're discovering! Every commission is a challenge for us, we learn new things with every project. We don't sit on the stove bareback, but anyone who hasn't tried something in design can never say they can't do it. Take a look at what we've achieved with our clients over 16 years and see if we can do something similar with you...

Join us if you are looking for professionals to create and keep your brand alive. If you're planning a new logoty or corporate identity, an advertising campaign, an annual report, a cultural project or a simple booklet for your CD or LP. It will be pleasure.

Where you can find us? The studio is situated on the green edge of the wider centre of Prague in Hostivař. Hornoměcholupská street can be easily reached by public transport, by car, on bike, or by any other means you wish. Storage during your visit is provided :-).

And how we work for our clients? We don't split small design from large – it is foolish. But we want to show good ideas and a piece of honest craftsmanship. We're not eighteen anymore, one-night (or one-day) stands are not for us. There is no you and us - we create together, building on mutual trust and good communication. Yes, it takes a little more work, but it's worth it.

Do you find our work interesting? Would you like to join us? Write e-mail or call us. We'll be happy to meet you and talk over the possibilities for cooperation. Regarding the creation of a logo, corporate identity or advertising campaign concepts, we will prepare for you free of charge a budget framework of the project. The price of other work is basically derived from the time we calculate for the project. Just send us you brief!

So don't be scared of design,
it won't bite you!