If you're expecting grand phrases how you can reach the top only with us, we're not the right studio for you.
We believe that clients are aware that design is very specific, subjective matter, and that great ideas don't grow on trees.
We rely on mutual trust, communication, modesty and thoroughness – the best possible beginning of successful cooperation.

What can you expect from us?

Communication between equal partners. We don't hide behind account managers or salesmen. Our client is always in direct contact with a graphic designer, which positively influences the quality of work, the speed of production and of course the price . We want clients to know that their comments, opinions or ideas are an integral part of the final product. 

our best effort and the maximum motivation​ We always offer our own point of view, and we try to take into account all the possibilities. Constantly we watch the world of design around us to achieve a result which meets  objective quality standards.

a Fair and transparent price without hidden items and "incidentally" overdrawn budgets. rates are calculated by 15 or 30 minutes of work (for regular clients).

Complex client services including our @ccount service with on-line unlimited access to your data –  free of charce of course.

what we do

  • logo and corporate
    identity design
  • business stationery design
  • business leaflet and collateral print design
  • creative concepts and design of campaigns (print, radio, flash)
  • catalogues, annual reports and corporate magazines
  • book design
  • webdesign
  • works for cultural fields (theaters, galleries and nonprofit organizations)
  • photomontages and digital retouching
  • artwork and complete
    pre-press production
  • copywriting and language text stylization
  • shop design, interior and exterior sticker design

we also provide

  • full production services
  • full print production services (offset printing, screen printing, digital printing, POS materials printing, large scale banners, stickers, roll ups, etc.)
  • cooperation with photo studios, PR agencies, architects, and so on